How we work

The project works at three levels:

Central level:

  • Supporting the MoUD in evaluating the City Sanitation Plans (CSP) prepared so far and documenting the best practices and lessons learnt. This document will provide suggestions to MoUD in streamlining the CSP preparation process in future. A criteria list has been prepared for the evaluation of CSPs. GIZ has so far evaluated 10 CSPs and documented their best practices.
  • A national event on launching the NSSI website and the manual on school sanitation has been conducted under the presence of the MoHRD minister.
  • A NSSI-cell at CBSE which currently acts as a national hub for improving school sanitation and raising awareness on sanitation and hygiene has been installed. GIZ is supporting the MoHRD and CBSE in improving school sanitation in selected schools throughout India by providing technical services for cost effective solutions. The documentation of this process will assist other schools in improving their sanitation services.

State Level

  • Supporting selected states in improving/preparing their State Sanitation Strategies (SSS). It is envisaged that key issues concerning capacity enhancement, outsourcing urban services in issues such as public/community toilet complex and sewerage and legal framework will be addressed in the SSS through GIZ support which will enhance service delivery at city level.

City Level:

  • Six city sanitation planning documents prepared with GIZ’s assistance have been approved by the elected body of the respected cities and forwarded to the state government.
  • The project enables a decision process based on cost-efficient and long-term planning at city level. It supports the cities in developing bankable projects by creating sector-wise financial sustainability while strengthening service delivery. The project supports the decision-making process for outsourcing urban services.


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