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Hands on training on Operation and Maintenance of Decentralized wastewater treatment system

20th March 2014

Participants: MC Shimla and Police Dept

Location: Police Line, Bharari, Shimla

As implementation of CSP, GIZ has supported MC Shimla for construction of decentralized wastewater treatment unit at Police Line, Bharari.  The construction of DEWATS has been taken up on a pilot basis after close consultation with MC Shimla. An unserved area which is not connected to the sewer network due to hilly and undulating topography has been selected for the construction of the unit. This unit will help in treatment of domestic wastewater generated in the locality including police department, administrative buildings, training centre and staff quarters. The construction of the plant at police line Bharari is completed and unit is now ready for commissioning. As this is first of its kind in Himachal Pradesh, GIZ conducted hands on training for MC Shimla and Police Line officials on O&M of the plant with the support from CDD society.

The training mainly focuses on regular and periodic maintenance of the unit. Operational staff (sanitary inspectors) from MC Shimla and Police Dept. responsible for regular maintenance of the unit was present for the training.




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