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Understanding that a conventional centralized sewer system is not the best option for the entire city of Kochi, GIZ's project on sanitation improvement SNUSP II, supported the Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC) in the development of a non-conventional sewerage system in three wards (Footprint of 3 wards is equal to 30,000 capita). This innovative project of Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC)  was awarded with the prestigious ‘Skoch-Platinum Award’ during the 49th Skoch Summit.

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During the past decade, the number of Indian towns and cities with over 5,000 inhabitants has grown rapidly. A 2014 UN-backed report estimates the population in India’s towns and cities will reach 600 million by 2031. According to the New Climate Economy Report by Th e Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, such “unprecedented growth is leaving municipal governments with critical infrastructure shortages and service gaps.”

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Based on the initiatives of the Government of India, the Government of Germany through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working in the urban environment sector with a focus on municipal solid waste management since 2009 under various GIZ programmes. Support for Solid Waste Management has been envisaged at all levels of the SNUSP II project. Technical support will help improve management of municipal solid waste on the ground.

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As part of the Indo-German cooperation, SNUSP providing technical support to states in preparing quality SSS which will help a state to plan and implement sustainable development in their sanitation system. As pilot initiatives during its first phase GIZ-SNUSP with MoUD selected four states for providing technical support in preparing SSS. GIZ and its state-level partners have developed and followed a unique consultative approach for the development of SSS that is systematic, stepwise, participatory and owned and driven by partner states.

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Improved Public Sanitation Facilities:A case of Public Toilets in Tirupati

As part of the implementation of Tirupati's CSP the SNUSP program supported TMC in improvement of public toilet management. The goal was to develop a new city wide management model that is financially sustainable and ensures good services for all users.


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Waste to Energy Project Co-fermentation of organic waste and septage for energy production in Nashik
Reduction of Wastewater Discharge into Surface Water through Hydraulic Assessment of Trunk Sewers in Nashik
Rehabilitation of the sewerage system in Raipur City, Chhattisgarh State
Improved Household level Sewage Connectivity through Capacity Development of Stakeholders Engaged in Plumbing


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