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GIZ partner cities secure good national ranking during Swachh Survekshan Survey 2017

Few highlighting points on the scoring of GIZ’s partner cities on Swachh Survekshan survey

  • Tirupathi with a score of 270 in the ODF/Toilets category is amongst the top scorer in this category at both National & State level based on the Municipal Data
  • Shimla scored 180 which is the State Highest in the ODF/Toilets category
  • Shimla is the overall top scorer (Part 1,2 &3) in the State.
  • Siddipet with a score of 260 is amongst the highest scorer in the ODF/Toilets category in the State based on the Municipal Data
  • Tadipatri , Narsaraopet & Nandyal are among the top scorers at National & State Level in the Capacity building Efforts

The Swachh Savekshan

In order to foster a healthy competition between cities for improving cleanliness standards, the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) started the “Swachh Survekshan” survey, ranking of cities on cleanliness and other aspects of urban sanitation, in 2016 which ranked 73 cities across the country. On the same lines, MoUD has initiated “Swachh Survekshan” 2017 which conducted a survey to rank 500 cities of India.


This survey will help the cities understand where they stand for the future improvement and how much have they come forward from the last survey. In 85 cities of the total lot, waste segregation sustained at all processing stages in more than 75% wards, which is a very strong indicator for the need of improvement in solid waste management sector.

Evaluation Criteria

The performance evaluation of the Swachh survekshan is conducted by Quality Council of India (QCI), an autonomous body established by Government of India in 1997 for Quality assurance in all spheres of activities including Governance. In the Survey more than 7 Lakh people participated from 12,200 locations assessed. As per the schedule the survey was proposed to be conducted from 4th Jan’17 and the whole data collection process was proposed to be completed by 4th Feb’17

The cities were evaluated based on the scores obtained in the six broad categories

  1. Strategy for Open Defecation Free town (ODF) and Integrated Solid Waste Management (SWM)
  2. Information, Education and Behaviour Change Communication (IEBC)
  3. Door to door Collection, Sweeping,  Collection & Transportation
  4. Processing and Disposal
  5. Public & Community Toilet Provision
  6. Individual Toilet



Swachh Survekshan 2017 - MoUD Website
Ranking of the Cities Trained By GIZ along with their National Ranks.pdf


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