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Human Resource Development Programme (HRDP) is a cross cutting thrust area under IGEP

The IGEP "Human Resource Development Programme" optimizes training and workshop resources and is increasing the synergies of Indian training networks. The HRDP with its quality control mechanisms and the documentation system is improving the outreach and positive results of IGEP.

The Human Resource Development activities of all the different projects under IGEP are collected and structured by the Training Management Unit as per the needs of various stakeholders. Training courses, workshops and conferences are compiled in a yearly HRD Operation Plan that is executed by the projects and with the support of a specialised Training Management Unit.

Environmental protection and technological and industrial development have to go hand-in-hand for long term sustainable development. The Human Resource Development Programme on environment (HRDP-e) was established as a “cross cutting” thrust area under IGEP.

The aims of the HRDP are:


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