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This section provides you our regular publications like Fact sheets, Newsletter Working Manuals of ASEM and also forms and formats related to training programmes and capacity building events .

Urbanisation the Indian way - Bridging from past to future in less than a lifetime

Rapidly growing urbanisation is putting tremendous pressure on the civic infrastructure systems, and is also deteriorating the quality of the environment in the cities. There is an inadequate provision of services like water supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management, parks and open spaces, transport, etc. The projects under Sustainable Urban Habitat thrust area of GIZ-ASEM have attempted to address some of the environment-related problems of the cities in a structured and sustainable way. This publication captures in a comprehensive manner the major interventions made by GIZ-ASEM.


Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Vulnerable Communities - Facilitator's Manual

People living on the coast are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The AdaptCap project, in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, intends to guide adaptation to the effects of climate change in small coastal communities. The chosen areas are situated along the eastern coastline of southern India. This manual is intended to be a guidance document for facilitators who will train local communities on climate change adaptation.


Climate Change – Adaptation in Industries and Industrial Areas

While many businesses are already taking action to mitigate climate change by reducing their carbon footprints, much less has been done by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This publication presents a snapshot of information for the benefit of MSMEs and gives useful insights to plan and implement appropriate and mutually reinforcing adaptation strategies relevant for improved infrastructure and management of industrial estates. With reference to the emerging trends in the world, it also provides a framework of adaptation for the benefit of industrialists in India.


Adapt Cap II Fact Sheets

Visibility Materials-Strengthening Adaptation Capacities and Minimizing Risk of Vulnerable Coastal Communities (CapCoast)

The CapCoast project builds knowledge and strengthens the local capacities to assess, plan and respond to climate change related threats.

The project focuses on reducing the vulnerabilities of coastal communities in two severely affected Indian states Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by reducing their exposure and sensitivity to climate risks and increasing their adaptive capacity. The visibility materials consist of project brochure, poster and fact sheets.


Capacity building involves much more though than just conducting training courses and workshops. It implies a multi level system to develop networks, institutional systems, organisations and individuals. Without awareness, without a basis for new approaches, and without better skills for using new tools and instruments in urban planning, industrial development, environmental governance, disaster preparedness and consumer protection, development for sustainability cannot be achieved. Download the Work-Book


The Human Resource Development (HRD) platform is a webbased system with tools to support the planning, implementation, delivery and monitoring of large-scale capacity development programmes. Staff at a key training institution use the HRD platform to manage their programmes.
GIZ offers an additional institutional development service package to complement the HRD platform and foster smooth implementation. This package includes staff trainings and advisory services in the areas of quality control, workflow design and capacity building management.
Download the brochure.


ASEM Human Resource Development Programme Documents


HRDP 2010

The 2010 Training Calendar of ASEM-Completed Events



Material for the HRDP Quality Assurance Process


Online Evaluation

Rapid Online Evaluation of Training Programme


Rapid evaluation format

Table and analysis template for a fast evaluation of events
Download the MS-Excel file


Evaluation format

For skills training courses/Workshops/Events: evaluation questionnaire and analysis format


Follow up evaluation

Questionnaire for ex-participants to assess the impact of a training course on their performance


Follow up evaluation

Questionnaire to ask institutions to assess the impact of a training course for their personnel


Quality package

ASEM's description of some quality control processes in Human Resource Development
Download the Quality Package



Formats for Training and Workshop Reports


HRD event reports

Checklist for required content of (training) reports


Course Description

Course Characterisation Form - CCF


Participant list

Template for a participants list


Resource person list

Template for a resource person list


Proposal & contract

Checklist for Training Provider
Download the checklist


Human Resource Development and Capacity Building Documents

ASEM HRDP Publications




"Knowledge & Skills 4D" Vol 4: Issue 1 - June 2010





"Knowledge & Skills 4D" Vol 3: Issue 1 - April 2009





"Knowledge & Skills 4D" Volume 2: Issue: 1, March 2008




"Knowledge & Skills 4D" No 2 - October 2007
Download 2nd Newsletter




"Knowledge & Skills 4D" No 1 - February 2007
Download 1st Newsletter


HRDP Flyer


1st ASEM Human Resource Development Flyer
Download the flyer


InWEnt on Capacity Building


Concept Paper


InWEnt Capacity Building: Human Resource and Organizational Development in International Cooperation
Download the concept paper


Disaster Risk Management - general version


Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Management - general version
1st Concept August 2008


Disaster Risk Management - specific version NRDF


Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Management - specific NRDF version September 2008


Five Key Documents for HRDP


Course Characterization Form (CCF) is for the description of a course or workshop and used as a executive summary of HRD activities in the training report.

Check list

for content of a Training Report

Checklist for required content of (training/workshops/events) reports. The checklist is part of the contract annexes and/or delivered to the implementer if no contract is necessary.

Event Evaluation Format

Evaluation format try to assess participants experience, feedback and recommendations regarding the course/workshop/event they attend.

Training Providers


This checklist mainly focuses on Training Support Materials-Deliverables as part of a Sanction Order of ASEM


Additional study materials on some courses/modules may be made available on special request . Please send your inquiries to rachna.arora @ or tmu @ asemindia . com



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