GIZ-SNUSP Training Programme on Preparation of City Sanitation Plan (CSP)

Ensuring citywide sanitation is challenging and needs involvement of various actors /agencies, ULB functionaries and experts in areas such as urban planning, sanitation, technical infrastructure and financing. One of the main issues in enabling city wide sanitation is lack of awareness, detailed guidelines on CSP preparation with details on capital investments, adjustments of by-laws, adequate administrative structures and local expertise.    

GIZ programme Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy (SNUSP)* in collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has developed a training programme for city officials on preparation of City Sanitation Plan and its implementation. 

Deutsche Gesell schaft  fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ GmbH and CSE are collaborating on ‘Capacity enhancement on preparation of City Sanitation Plan (CSP) and Septage Management for city officials. The two year partnership (2014-16) is part of the GIZ Sustainable Habitat Programme –Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy (SNUSP) II and CSE initiative aimed at improving the sanitation situation in small and medium towns in select states of India namely – Andhra Pradesh/ Telengana, Kerala and Maharastra.  

The partnership builds on the experience and strengths of both institutions and help in developing more targeted interventions. 

Under the proposed scope of cooperation CSE with GIZ will roll out orientation workshops and training programmes for stakeholders to understand the added value of a CSP and Septage Management for sustainable urban development and enable city officials/ managers prepare and integrate the CSP as an important tool in their day to day work.

National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP)

On road to green, healthy, inclusive & fully sanitized cities

The transition from an agrarian to urban society called for a new, more focused approach towards urban planning. To deal with the critical sanitation condition of the country Government of India formulated  the National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) in 2008 under the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). The policy calls for citywide sanitation solutions that are aligned with the City Development Plans (CDPs).

The vision of NUSP is that all cities and towns to become community-driven, totally sanitized, healthy and liveable. Special focus is on hygienic and affordable sanitation facilities for the urban poor and women.

By strengthening Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) the policy aims to (1) generate awareness and behavioural change, (2) achieve open defecation free cities, and (3) integrate citywide sanitation. The two main instruments are the State Sanitation Strategies (SSS) and City Sanitation Plans (CSP), both vision documents to drive economic, social and environmental development. The sanitation policy obliges all states to develop SSSs and prepare CSPs. 



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