Work Areas

The project, Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy (SNUSP) – II, seeks to support Indian states to take eff ective measures against the discharge of untreated waste water into surface water and groundwater.

  • The project aims to improve the situation on the ground by providing technical support in developing strategies, standards, guidelines, and moving on to providing support in successful implementation.
  • The project also intends to enhance the capacities of state and city, level towards adopting participatory processes for formulating and implementing city-wide sanitation plans. This process will not only create ownership among the partners, but will also ensure sustainability of the initiatives.
  • The project is expected to offer evidence based solutions for technical subjects such as management of faecal sludge, gender-sensitive public toilets and non conventional waste water management systems to the Ministry of Urban Development and state departments. These could be subsequently applied, upscaled and customised as per the existing requirement across the country.
  • The implementation of the state strategies, citywide sanitation plans and the resulting concrete solutions will ultimately decrease water pollution and improve the sanitation situation in Indian cities, there by supporting the Government of India’s vision of a “Swachh Bharat” (clean India).


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