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Mr. Dirk Walther, Project Director - SNUSP project

Dirk Walther

Project Director - SNUSP II

Mr. Dirk Walther, the project director of ‘Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy’ project of GIZ is an expert in water and sanitation. He has been working in the sector for more than twenty five years at regional, national and international level. He has conducted a wide range of research on water and sanitation, water treatment technologies and fresh/saline water interfaces. Amongst the long list of projects he worked upon few prestigious projects he led are -

‘“Restoration Plan for Adyar Poonga”, Wetland Restoration project for Tamil Nadu Urban DevelopmentImprovement of drinking water quality from surface water ponds by applying zero energy technologies” for Department for Drinking Water Supply, Ministry for Rural Development,“Renovation of Lakes” for Tsunami Emergency Assistance Project Government of Tamil Nadu, and many more

In his professional journey he led many critical sanitation improvement studies like -

“Design of innovative Storm Water Management system at Raipur city”,“DMA study on Non-Revenue-Water at Nashik city”, A feasibility study on “Construction of a Waste to Energy Plant at Nashik city”

He also led and provided technical support to 6 Indian cities in preparing their City Sanitation Plan (CSP).

Though he is working continuously on various issues for the improvement of sanitation condition of India, he is also keen on sharing his knowledge with all. He believes that knowledge that he has gained should be shared for a better tomorrow. With this in mind he has authored, co-authored many articles and publications from very early age. One of his recent publications which he co-authored is an IWA publication (2014): Sanitation 21.

Mr. Walther has also been part of many advisory boards under government of India; he was an Advisor to the State Planning Commission Tamil Nadu on Water Supply and Sanitation, Tamil Nadu. Currently he is closely working with Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India.  He has done intensive work in the field of water and sanitation as well as wetland and river rejuventation. His professional objectives are to provide and enhance technical knowledge in the field of water supply and sanitation and to create capacities for the protection of environment.

Mr. Walther is currently the project director of GIZ Sanitation programme funded by German ministry for economic affairs and development and director Waste to Energy funded by German environmental ministry. He is also in-charge of the Indo-German Ganges initiative.


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