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Appraisal Mission on Ganga Rejuvenation


Date : 12th to 24th March 2015

Background of the mission

As one of his important commitments during election PM Narendra Modi promised to rejuvenate the holy river Ganga and made Namami Gange the umbrella programme for all Ganga Rejuvenation activities. This endeavor is of social as well as cultural magnitude with more than 400 Mio people living in its basin. Government of Germany, among others, has been requested to provide support having long lasting experience in river rejuvenation only to mention river Rhine, Elbe and Danube.

A scoping mission jointly organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and KfW in collaboration with National Mission Clean Ganga (NMCG) concluded that a German commitment could bring added value in fields such as River Basin Management, Industrial and Domestic wastewater management and Water Governance. With 3 Mio Euro already committed by the Government of Germany for technical cooperation, the seed fund for much larger engagement has been provided to perhaps develop a future lighthouse project of Indo-German cooperation.

The upcoming appraisal mission conducted by GIZ aims at designing a project for technical cooperation between India and Germany on Ganga Rejuvenation. This mission will engage with Indian partners from administration at national and state level as well as stakeholders from private and public sector and civil society to finalize the objective and activities of this technical cooperation project. German expertise is particularly required in the field of strategic and administrative implementation of a holistic river basin planning approach (Rhine, Elbe, Danube, etc.), technological knowledge and urban sanitation and industrial pollution, where Germany has already cooperated with the Government of India for many years through the GIZ projects “Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy I&II” and “Indo-German Environment Partnership” Programme.

Potential objective of the technical cooperation project

The appraisal mission will build the basis for designing the concrete project to be implemented by GIZ under the Indo-German cooperation on Ganga Rejuvenation. The potential objective of this project might be as follows:

Mechanisms for planning, cooperating and monitoring that facilitate a successful implementation of Ganga Rejuvenation are available with relevant actors at national level and in selected states.

This objective might be achieved through activities in three different cooperation areas:

  • Indo-German Policy Dialogue

Objective is a direct exchange of experiences between Indian and German experts and institutions from different levels on issues such as monitoring and cooperation, policy frameworks, concrete technical solutions and involvement of private sector and civil society. This field of activities should show a considerable degree of flexibility concerning choice of topics as well as cooperation formats to address the needs of the hour from both sides. Possible formats could be workshops, exposure visits, round tables, business meets, etc.

  • Support of national institutions

This area of cooperation includes capacity development and support of the political partner, Ministry for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, NMCG and other relevant partners mainly responsible for the steering and implementation of Ganga Rejuvenation. Details of these support activities are to be discussed. A selection of cooperation areas are the development of an implementation oriented River Basin Management Plan (based on the IIT report), Prioritization, Hot-Spot-identification, Monitoring of implementation and impact, etc.

  • Cooperation between center and states for Ganga Rejuvenation

The objective of this area of cooperation is to implement successful coordination as well as programme implementation mechanisms between central and state level since the states play a crucial role in achieving significant impact in cleaning River Ganga. This requires capacity development of state actors to be able to play a pro-active role. A pilot state might be chosen to receive more targeted support but the overall aim of the activities is to foster cooperation between center and state.

The objective as well as the fields of cooperation are indicative and will be decided during the appraisal mission. The mission team consisting of following international and national experts:

Mission Team

Name : Alfred Eberhardt (Mission Team Leader)

Head of German Consulting Firm and expertise in environmental and water management as well as designing Missions for German development cooperation.

Name : Dr. Fritz Holzwarth

Former Deputy Director General Water and Marine Department in the Federal German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. President of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine and the River Elbe.

Head of the German Delegation for programs for the Baltic Sea and the Danube River Protection

Name : Manfred Scheu

Technical Advisor of the Water Department of GIZ Headquarter in Germany

Name : Paritosh C. Tyagi

Former Chairman of CPCB and specialist on Ganga Rejuvenation programs.







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